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Having gone a long way from making small side projects to global market solutions, we figured out how to make the development smooth and fast for important projects.

Who are we?

We are a User Experience and quality-focused digital engineering company, empowering enterprises to develop and implement cutting-edge digital business models.

Our team of 60+ passionate engineers and designers propels an engineering-driven, people-centric culture, making us a great Place To Work. Over the years, with a commitment to clean coding and intuitive user experiences, we have achieved an impressive growth.

Creators under one roof
Years in industry
Repeat business
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Founded company

In 2017, Bharat and Aashish, both engineers by profession, founded Crownstack in New Delhi and soon moved to Gurgaon.

First 100+ headcount

By end of December 2021, Crownstack crossed 100 people headcount, focused on mobility, web and design services.

Opened Noida Office

In May 2022, in order to fuel the growth and expansion of team, Crownstack opened office in Noida and shifted whole operation there.

Serving Global Customers

Today Crownstack is serving global customers from Noida location with help of its 60+ software and design consultants.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the people who made Crownstack possible, who empower developers, designers, IT Ops and business teams to collaborate at high velocity to deliver great customer and employee service experience.

Bharat Gulati

Co-founder & CEO

Bharat drives strategy, sales, overall direction and velocity of Crownstack team.

Aashish Dhawan

Co-founder & CMO

Aashish drives result driven Inbound B2B Marketing efforts at Crownstack.

Deepika Gupta

Delivery Head

Deepika takes care of smooth delivey of projects and ensures client success.

Avi Chandra

Sales Head

Avi drives new sales and revenue growth at Crownstack.

Aditi Gupta

HR Head

Aditi heads all our recruitment, HR functions and ensures our team is happy.

Varun Kumar

Engineering Manager

Varun a hardcore engineer at heart, manages engineering teams at Crownstack.

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Our Mission

To deliver best in class digital transformation services and maximising growth potential for our clients and employees.

We deliver what we promise

and then we deliver some more. Our promise and deadlines are sacred for us and we do everything in our power to meet them.

We are digital enablers

with a passion for technology and innovation. We are always on the lookout for new methods and solutions to help our customers.

We help our customers

with their digital transformation and keep them in the forefront of their industry using digital innovation and quality solutions.

We are focused

on things which maximise growth potential of those associated with us, be it our customers, vendors or our team members.

We deliver value

to our customers and employees. Value generation is the core of our business and we do everything to maximise it.

We create environment for growth

where businesses or employees associated with us can thrive, navigate through challenges facing them and put themselves on a path of growth.

Our Vision

To be globally reputed company for delivering innovative and quality solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies and finest talent

We want to be a true global company.

We have set an ambitious goal for ourselves, that is, to achieve a scale of multinational organization. We know the journey will be arduous and we gladly accept the challenge.

We want to build reputation for ourselves with the work we do.

We take pride in what we do and we want to be known for the that as well. We believe that our best introduction should be our work. The work should speak for itself.

We want to be known for innovative solutions.

We are always looking for solutions which are more cost effective, faster and more efficient. We not only want to move the needle, we want to move it faster and farther.

We want to deliver solutions which have best possible quality.

Quality is sacrosanct guiding principle for us. Delivering bug free quality solutions at scale is our ultimate goal. The only mistakes we want to be known for are those we never made.

We want to utilise cutting-edge technologies for our solutions.

Technologies change rapidly, opening up new opportunities and enable new kind of solutions which were not possible previously. We want to stay ahead of the curve with the new age technologies and solutions.

We want to attract finest talent and given them environment to deliver their best.

We want to attract people who are skilled, proactive and passionate about their work. We want to provide them with an environment where they can thrive and deliver their career's best work.

Our philosophy of building sustainable digital solutions

We believe in creating sustainable software solutions, solutions which last long and are easy to maintain and scale if needed.

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Software should be maintainable

Software should be easy to maintain and scale in a cost effective manner for a sufficiently longer duration of time.

Software should live longer

Software should be build with a long term vision. It has to serve business for decades if not longer. It should never become obsolete quickly.

Software should be simple and beautiful

There is no need to build overengineered, overcomplicated expensive solutions. Additionally, software should be beautiful like an art.

Our Culture Code

Principle 1: Encourage and Engage

It’s tempting to bring in experienced people from outside but we believe in encouraging our own people to take bigger responsibilities over time.

Principle 2: Life Long Learning

We believe in investing in life-long learning and the best way to learn is set audacious goals for ourselves. We love bigger goals even though they may take a while.

Principle 3: Autonomy and Accountability

We believe amazing people need autonomy to do their best work. Autonomy requires trust. Therefore autonomy and accountability go hand in hand.

Principle 4: Shoulder Responsibility and Share Credit

When things go well, humble people tend to share the credit. When things go poorly, they tend to share responsibility. We believe in sharing credit and responsibility equally.

Principle 5: Trust and Teamwork

Trust is the currency of highly effective teams. We trust people to pull up their weight. We trust people to do the right thing with our customers as well as with their job and role.

Principle 6: Impact and Initiative

Impact and Initiative are two major factors which drive our performance metrics. We believe people should be proactive and should take initiatives to maximise their impact.

Principle 7: Customer Centricity

Customers are at the center of everything we do. Before we do anything we ask ourselves - What's in it for our customers and how it will help them?

Team of creators and builders

We are strategists, designers and developers. Innovators and problem solvers. Small enough to be simple and quick, but big enough to deliver the scope you want at the pace you need.

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It's all about consistency

When is comes to delivering software solutions, consistency is the key. We have been delivering consistent results for our customers for years as well as maintaining a consistent growth for our business.

Amazing people to work with. Very fast and professional technology partner.

Tarun Aleti
Tarun Aleti
Co-Founder, Chief Product & Technology Officer | Partrunner
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